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Lorenzo’s business card

Lorenzo's business card

Audio-Visual Teaching Series

This DVD format series is a summary of what I’ve discovered from over thirty years of exploration into the area of spiritual search.

I have called it:  Going Nowhere – Journey into the Tao
                            A Beginners Guide to Eastern Spirituality

It is meant to be a useful synopsis, containing information that will help seekers with their own individual search.  It is my belief that each person’s learning curve is different and individual to them.  I espouse no one particular guru or teaching, but believe that the important thing is for one to find one’s own next personal step.

The spiritual journey is a long one.  It did not start in this life and will not end with this life.  I believe that the soul is eternal and we tenant a sequence of bodies through many lives.  This is the great mystery.

The lecture series arose out of a series of powerful dreams in 2008.  It was as though a force was trying to work through me using my mind, my faculties, my existing knowledge and my life, such as it was, to produce something of use to a wider world.

The content of the lectures is as detailed below.