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Lorenzo’s business card

Lorenzo's business card


I am happy to see patients/clients for advice on any medical matter

During my time as a GP (family doctor), I enjoyed patient contact and enjoyed analysis of the complex mix of physical, social and psychological issues that patients presented to me on the day.

What I cannot do
Having had my name voluntarily removed from the active General Medical Council (GMC) register, I cannot perform actions that by law require active GMC registration and active doctor insurance, such as issuing prescriptions.

What I can do
Based on my thirty years of experience on the coal face of day to day medical practice.  I can offer my personal assessment of a patient/client’s issues and my view as to their options going forward. 

I am particularly interested in seeing complex cases where a spiritual perspective and ‘thinking outside the box’ might be beneficial. Patients with unexplained medical symptoms may also benefit. 

I would like to describe myself as a conventional G.P. specialising in advice on the orthodox medicine-complementary therapies interface.  The nature of this advice will be different for different individuals.  If it turns out that they need investigations and tests that have not yet been done,   patients will be advised to see their own GP or they can see doctors in the private sector.

My particular perspective

The march of medical knowledge, new drugs, new technologies and computerisation has completely transformed the scene since the time I joined medical school in the mid 1970’s. But with the benefits have also come downsides.  Particularly in the last decade I have seen so many people being poorly served by the system. For example in the case of patients diagnosed with cancer, doctors have difficulty breaking bad news, and focus on the fact that they have a 20% chance of ‘survival’ or ‘prolongation of life’ and patients feel pressured into undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc. What they are not directly told (and this is because the medical profession does not know how to deal with this) is that they have an 80% chance of succumbing to their illness.

Dealing with life threatening diagnoses is a most difficult and vulnerable time for everybody. In my view the most valuable use of this time is to find some peace of mind, and settle issues with loved ones and friends and to settle one’s affairs.  I have seen so many people, squandering this valuable time rushing around preoccupied by various medical interventions, preoccupied with the cost of it all and undergoing chemotherapy which saps their inner psychic energies

From my Buddhist perspective, I have found this very sad to see.

Another perspective I feel passionate about is, what I believe to be a misguided approach to the issue of ‘Positive Thinking’ in the face of serious illness. Patients with cancers etc are encouraged to ‘fight their illness’ by various psychological strategies such as visualisation and ‘resisting negative thoughts and feelings’. Whereas these may have some merit they nevertheless seem to me to be like encouraging people to spend their time ‘rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic’.

My own view is that people should be encouraged to ‘make peace’ with their predicament and not ‘fight it’.

This can be a positive and constructive process.
It is my opinion that a variety of healers working in the Complementary Therapy Sector can provide exceptional help at this difficult time.

I am happy to address and participate in discussion groups within medical circles who are interested in my views.

To arrange a consultation
If you would like to see me or discuss a medical or life issue please email me using the form on the website.  Please do not disclose heath issues that are too confidential or sensitive with your initial email contact for reasons of data confidentiality.

My help is being offered in a spirit of service.
Clients can make a donation if they feel helped.

Face to face consultations and discussions
These can be arranged in the area where I live in Richmond, on the border of Teddington and Kingston. There are some ideal quiet cafes and pubs there.

Insurance Arrangements
The nature of my work is medico-legally outside the remit of regulation and insurance framework covering the work of doctors ( GPs and hospital doctors) in the UK.  As I have no intention of returning to conventional medicine,I have de-activated my GMC registration. This is to avoid any potential future litigation involving the GMC.

I have secured insurance as a ‘Talking Therapist’ within the Complementary Therapist Industry Sector.

Potential clients please note that this is the title under which my advisory and psychological services will function.