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Lorenzo’s business card

Lorenzo's business card

Event Website Project

At present in the UK there is no website that acts as a notice board for forthcoming events such as talks, seminars, workshops, meditation classes, yoga events, retreats, ecology events, new age events and other mind.body.spirit events of this nature.

There is no doubt that the setting up of such a website with its supporting organisation would be a useful public service.

The idea is to set up a user friendly website where members of the public could look up forthcoming events of interest to them, in either their area or nationwide.

Bonafide individuals and organisations would be encouraged to apply online for their event to be announced.  This would be free to them.  Applications would be vetted by a group of informed and able individuals who would decide on agreed criteria of a ‘bonafide party with something to offer’.  They would then agree with the individual/organisation re the wording of the announcement.

Funding for the enterprise would come from sponsorship, donations and possibly educational grants.  The enterprise would seek to become a not for profit registered educational charity.

The website would develop its own resource and information directory that would be maintained as user friendly and up to date as possible.

If the enterprise is successful, individuals and groups in other countries would be encouraged to develop something similar.  

Getting Started

For this enterprise to get off the ground, the first step is to form a working group and a group of supporters who can decide how to take things forward.  Fundraising issues need to be addressed and it is likely that once the start-up costs are met an income of approximately £50,000 per annum needs to be generated to cover business, accountancy and administrative costs.  At least two part-time or full-time persons will need to be formally employed.

Are you interested in becoming involved?

Do you have IT, Business, Accountancy or Organisational skills to offer?
Do you wish to be a supporter of the project?
Are you interested in financially contributing?

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