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Lorenzo's business card

In Search of Nirvana

In Search of Nirvana (not there yet!)
This publication will have two sections .
Section One will be The Practice of Letting Go as above.
Section Two will contain essays and reflections to do with my personal perspectives on Buddhism, Hinduism and Gnostic Christianity.
It will be marketed at around £15.

Email me if you wish to book a copy in advance.
Please note if you are purchasing this book, it already contains the book
‘The Practice of Letting go’ (so don’t purchase both)

Contents list

Foreword by Dr Ian Rubenstein, author of Consulting Spirit

Section One ‘The Practice of Letting Go’

Section Two


Buddhism and Hinduism
A personal perspective

1)    The essence of Buddhism
2)    Who is a Hindu? Who is a Buddhist?
3)    Buddha as the Tenth Avatar of Vishnu
4)    Buddhism outside India
5)    Buddhist Meditation
6)    Anatta
7)    One Dharma Buddhism
8)    Ten Pali Words
Seven Messages of the Bhagavad Gita

1)    Introduction
2)    The Spiritual Crisis of Arjuna
3)    Sadhana
4)    Yogas of the Gita
5)    Chitta Vritti Nirodha
6)    The Breaking of Contact with Pain
7)    Kshetrajana- Knower of The Field
8)    Synergy

Christianity through Eastern Eyes

1)     Introduction
2)    ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you’
3)    ‘Be still and know that I am God’
4)    Christ on the Cross-both tortured and radiant.
5)    Mary. Mother Goddess and Queen of Angels.
6)    ‘I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Light….’
7)    Reincarnation and Christianity
8)    Eastern god, western god.
9)    Resources for study.

Buddhist Psychology and the Game of Life

1)    Introduction
2)    The Game of Life
3)    The psychic field and location of functions
4)    The ‘front of the mind’ and ‘the back of the mind’
5)    Accessing the ‘back of the mind’
6)    Aspects of the Game of Life
7)    Aspects of Buddhist psychology
8)    The search for guidance

Finding the Guru in Saturn.

Facing Fear

Journey into Spiritualism

1)    The phenomenon of mediumship
2)    Evidence based religion.