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Lorenzo’s business card

Lorenzo's business card


The Christopher Isherwood translation of the Bhagavad Gita, produced under the auspices of The Vedanta Society of Southern California, in 1945, has been for me the literary love of my life. Translated into contemporary English in a style that is part prose, part poetry, I have always found it to be quite exquisite. I made a cassette tape recording for listening to in the car and ended up listening to it hundreds of times.

Possibly because it is scripture, its effect on the psyche is different from listening to even a superb talk. The Bible, The Koran and The Dhammapada, possibly have a similar effect.
This is an experiment to produce a reading of this text in the context of a youtube clip.
The Bhagavad Gita has eighteen chapters of unequal lengths. So chapters two, four, six, nine, eleven and eighteen have been split into two parts. This gives a total of twenty four which is a nice round number.

The clips are designed for meditative listening.