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Lorenzo’s business card

Lorenzo's business card

Lecture on Medicine 2009

1 The Medicine -Metaphysics Interface. The Maslow Hierarchy Diagram
2 Is Orthodox Medicine holistic?
3 The Alternative(CAM)/Orthodox Medicine divide
4 Spiritual perspectives in Orthodox Medicine. Are there any?
Talking Therapies

5 Interesting Studies
     a Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman

     b Neuroplasticity – Dr Richard Davidson
     c Happiness Research – Dr Martin Seligman

     d The Faith Gene – Dr Dean Hamer
     e The Chemistry of Emotions – Dr Candace Pert

     f Hierarchy of Needs – Abraham Maslow
     g Transactional Analysis – Eric Berne

     h Rogerian Counselling – Carl Rogers
6 Mind-Body Medicine as an adjunct to other therapies
7 Movement as Therapy. Reichian Therapy. Bioenergetics.
Posture and movement techniques
8 Mindfulness techniques in therapy
9 Transpersonal approaches to therapy
10 The ‘Unconscious’ in therapy. The concept of The Unconscious
       Freud – Freudian Psychoanalysis
       Jung – Jungian Analysis

      Assagioli – Transpersonal Psychology
      Weiss – Past Life Regression Therapy

Meditation Practice and The Unconscious
11 Past Life Regression Therapy. Dr Brian Weiss and others
12 Will evidence for past lives herald the next great epoch of study?

DVD run time 40 mins