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Lorenzo’s business card

Lorenzo's business card

Letting Go


Letting go of the Past

1)    Let go of doing hindsight
2)    Let go of the idea of ‘Why Me’
3)    Let go of seeking for revenge
4)    Let go of attachment to past suffering
5)    Let go of grief at the passing of a loved one
6)    Let go of labels and personas
7)    Let go of the idea that we learn from the failures of the past

Letting go in the Present

1)    Let go of allowing other people to control our happiness
2)    Let go of doing more than one thing at a time
3)    Let go of the idea that we have to ‘improve ourselves’
4)    Let go of the fault-finding mind
5)    Let go of giving expecting something in return
6)    Let go of thinking about life, instead of living it.
7)    Let go of the idea that we need to go so fast
8)    Let go of the idea that we need to ‘get things right’
9)    Let go of the idea that life should be fair
10)    Let go of the idea that we need to criticise ourselves
11)    Let go of focusing on the weeds in our garden.
12)    Let go of suffering over events we have no choice over.
13)    Let go of taking things too personally.
14)    Let go of asking the world what it can never give you
15)    Let go of the prisons in our life.
16)    Let go of conceit
17)    Let go of the idea that we need more
18)    Let go of the idea that we will do something about a ‘problem’ at a  future time
19)    Let go of impatience
20)    Let go of personal criticism about ‘stuffing up’
21)    Let go of the tendency to take criticism to heart
22)    Let go of trying to be a control freak
23)    Let go of the ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude
24)    Let go of wasting time on insoluble problems
25)    Let go of indecision
26)    Let go of anger
27)    Let go of the idea that ‘we can get what we want if we try hard enough’
28)    Let go of the idea that ‘life is hard’
29)    Let go of the idea that ‘the grass is greener on the other side’

Letting go of the Future

1)    Let go of the idea that ‘I will  be happy in the future’
2)    Let go of trying to get anywhere
3)    Let go of making long term plans
4)    Let go of unrealistic expectations

Letting go in Meditation

Dealing with Difficult Emotions

1)    Depression
2)    Anxiety
3)    Stress
4)    Anger
5)    Fear
6)    Sadness
7)    Disgust
8)    Hatred
9)    Jealousy & Envy
10)    Guilt
11)    Boredom
12)    Low Self-Esteem
13)    Worry too much

Help and Resources
1)    Seeing a professional
2)    Books and the Internet

Reflections on Happiness

A motley collection of sayings and passages.

Eight Daily Practices