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Lorenzo’s business card

Lorenzo's business card

Lorenzo’s Notebook

These are some sayings from my notebook that I wish to share

  • People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness.
    Just because they’re not on your road, does not mean that they’ve gotten lost
    The Dalai Lama
  • Nothing whatsoever is to be clung to as ‘I and Mine’.
    Saying of The Buddha
  • The bird of Enlightenment flies on two wings.
    One wing is Abyasa or the  practice of Constant Awareness .
    The other wing is Viragya or the practice of Non-Attachment.

    From the teachings of Swami Rama
  • The term Maya refers to Cosmic Illusion which is both individual and cosmic.
    The term Avidya refers to individual ignorance
    From the teachings of Swami Rama
  • From the teaching of Ajahn Brahm  (Youtube-Four Ways of Letting Go)
    1. Let go. Nothing will go wrong. Be free from your past.
      Do one thing at a time.
    2. Learn what freedom is.  Enjoy the present.
      Cultivate a ‘want to be there’ mentality.
    3. Give, expecting nothing in return
    4. Cultivate a Teflon mind.  Collect no mementos.
      Never allow knowledge to hide truth.
  • Q) How do you make God laugh?
    A) Tell Him your future plans.      Woody Allen.
  • For lost, and past and dead
    The Wise have no laments

    Between the Wise and Fools is just this difference. 
    From The Panchatantra
  • To know The Way is to be empty. 
    But to assume that The Way is empty is a great mistake.    Zen saying.
  •  Everyday, one is making oneself what one is.     Zen saying.
  • If you say to The Lord ‘I want only You’, things will be arranged in such a way that you will be compelled to be sincere. 
    The Mother (Pondicherry)
  • Buddha means one who is Awake.
    It is this quality of Awakeness that is our refuge.
    Dhamma means the way things are. All that arises passes away.
    This is the natural truth.
    Sangha are those who practice, cultivating the understanding of Dhamma and aspiring to Awaken.
    Copied word by word from the refectory of the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery,  Hertfordshire, UK.
  • The Mind is a man’s best friend
    It is also his worst enemy.         
    Sanskrit saying.
  • I am Brahman, within this body.
    Life immortal that shall not perish
    I am the Truth and joy forever.    The Bhagavat Gita
  • Know your true nature. Everything else will take care of itself.
    Buddhist saying
  • He who knows but does not practice, knows imperfectly
    Tao saying
  • The eight snares of existence: Lust, anger, greed, delusion, envy, shame, disgust and fear. 
    The Aghori Vimalananda.
  • Put aside what you have in your head.
    Give freely what you have in your hand.
    And be unflinching to the blows of adversity. 

    A Sufi teaching.
  • From the teachings of Swami Rama
    These four things are essential for enlightenment 
    1. Have a desire to Meet and Know God.
    2. Have no selfish desire to acquire things for yourself.
    3. Give up all anger, greed and attachment.
    4. Practice meditation regularly.
  • All conditioned things are impermanent, unsatisfactory and ‘not self’. 
    If meditation does not reveal these three characteristics, it is not Insight Meditation (Vipassana) and does not lead to Nibbana.     
    Ajahn Chah.
  • Be happy to live.  Be happy to die.  Do your work and pass on.   
    Zen saying.
  • All the kicks and blows of life teach us something.  No matter whence they come they are blessings in disguise if we but learn their lesson.  The Buddha said: For the wise man there is nothing to be called bad.  Any adversity in life provides a step for his growth, provided he knows how to utilise it.
    From the teachings of Swami Rama.
  • My Guru Maharaj asked me at least ten times if I preferred money or devotion to God.  I always said ‘money’ because I thought that if I had money I could purchase anything I needed.  One day when I was with him he asked me the same question.  When I gave him the same answer he got so angry that he gave me a good slap. That slap somehow changed my way of thinking and from that day on when anyone asks me what I want I always say ‘bhakti’ because if I have true devotion God will provide me with whatever I need.
    The Aghori Vimalananda.
  • Wherever you go, there you are.  
    Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Metta does not mean liking anything at all. It means the attitude of not dwelling on the unpleasantness or faults of any situation inside or outside yourself. 
    Ajahn Sumedho.
  • All that arises, passes away and is not self.
    Saying of The Buddha
  • I feel a tremendous trust now.  I feel confidence in what we call the Dhamma-in the Way Things Are, because it’s no longer important what happens to me, this creature here.  It’s no longer a worry. Whatever happens-the best, the worst, praise, blame, success, failure, leukemia, or good robust health till the age of ninety five and a peaceful death as one sits down in meditation, I feel confident that it’s all right the way it is. I see it as Dhamma, rather than interpreting it and giving it a personal quality.           
    Ajahn Sumedho.
  • When you really see the orign of suffering you realise that the problem is the grasping of desire not the desire itself.
    Ajahn Sumedho.
  • Western life is concerned with accumulating, succeeding, building, protecting and sense gratification.  However this does not prepare one for old age.
    Eckhart Tolle  
  • Life is the roll of a wave
    Youth’s beauty endures but a day
    Wealth takes fancy’s form
    And pleasure’s flow is like monsoon’s lightening flash
    Even love’s embrace by loved ones offered does not last
    So fix your minds on Brahman
    To reach life’s ocean’s further shore.
    From ‘The Fine Sayings of Bhartrhari’
  • And to end on a humorous note
    Q) Why does dust collect in the corners of Buddhist monasteries?

    A)  Because even the hoover is not allowed to have attachments!