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Lorenzo's business card

Lorenzo’s Healing Articles Library

These comprise articles on healing and therapies that have appeared in magazines such as Kindred Spirit, to which I have subscribed for 25 years.

Unlike articles from the GP library, these articles do not feel dated and articles of 20 years ago, are in many ways as relevant today as they were then.

This list is not arranged in either chronological or any other order:

(KS refers to Kindred Spirit, KS2/03 refers to an article that appeared in about February 2003 in Kindred Spirit.)

SD refers to Spirit &Destiny Magazine.

SS refers to Soul&Spirit Magazine.

1)      Spiritual Alchemy. An article about the belief system of Caroline Myss,
         the world famous spiritual teacher and medical intuitive. KS2/03

2)      Making the most of Life Changes. Nicola Rayner KS8/11.

3)      7 Life Lessons you need to ignore. SD10/13.

4)      Keep it Kind. An article about Kindness by David Hamilton KS?date.

5)      Guided by Gabby. Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein. SS9/12.

6)      Rest: The Real Healer. SD10/13.

7)      What about me? Interview with Jamie Catto KS?date.

8)      Believe in better. Alexandra Wenman on Theta Healing. KS?date.

9)      Being Awake. Interview with Steve Taylor. KS?date.

10)   Miracle man of Brazil. Article about ‘John of God’ probably the most famous Psychic Surgeon in the world. KS9/97.

11)   Good Vibes. KS?date. An article on ‘vibes’ by Emily Ridley.

12)   Caring for our Fellow Creatures. An article about Animal Healing. KS9/97.

13)  Know your Buddha. An article about varios types of Buddha statues. KS?date.

14)  Forgive and Forget. An article on Forgiveness by Sacha Knop. KS?date.

15)   Stepping into the Light. Chrissie Astell on Angels. KS11/12.

16)  Awakening to Change. Interview with Amoda Ma Jeevan. KS?date.

17)   Angels come of age. Jacky Newcomb.KS11/12.

18)  Working the Chi. An article on Tai Chi by Allan Howlings. KS7/11.

19)  Universal Shift. An article about 2012 by Virginia Radford. KS7/11.

20)   The Art of Faerie Healing. An article by Hugh Mynne. KS5/97.

21)   Healing Hands. An interview with Matthew Manning. KS3/94.

22)   Your body speaks your mind. An  article on how thoughts and feelings affect physical health by Debbie Shapiro. KS5/97.

23)   Zimbate. An article by Claire Gillman on this healing modality. KS10/09.

24)   Angelic Reiki. Christine Core.KS11/12.

25)   Talk to Strangers. Menna and Vicky Van Praag. An article about keeping an open and loving attitude. KS5/09.

26)  Connect to The Divine. Josephine Chia on chakras. KS5/09.

27)   Release that guilt. An article by Sara Gardner. KS5/09.

28)  Healing Touch. Danielle Tatton. An article about Shen Therapy. KS5/09.

29)  Finding the Ki to Happiness. An article about Ki Meditation and Mindfulness by Sharon Loughter. KS 6/09.

30)   Brain Writing. Joyce Parkinson on handwriting and personality. KS10/07.

31)   Light Fantastic. Moira Stirland on using various candles. KS10/07.

32)   Living with the Spirit of Trees. Fred Hageneder. KS10/02

33)  Reiki- A Rediscovery. Catherine Hill. KS 1994

34)  Touching the Inner Life. Annabelle Apsion on the Rosen Method. KS2/06.

35)  Health is a matter of uniqueness. Richard Beaumont on his Human Design System. KS7/13.

36)  Are we Problem Junkies? Becky Walsh. KS7/13.

37)  Sound Healers. Boston Rockberry on the healing power of sound. KS7/13.

38)   Dreams and Reality. A Siberian summer with Shamans and Mountain Spirits.Galina Vladi. KS11/02.

39)  Quantum Mind. John Clamp. KS5/96.

40)  Psychic Solutions. Maryam Shah.KS10/09.

41)  Ecology from the Inside Out. Joanna Macy. KS5/95.

42)  Planting Thoughts. Sarah Holland on houseplants.KS10/09

43)  Healing on the crest of a wave. Chloe Wordsworth on the healing modality of Holographic Repatterning. KS11/96.

44)  When Science and Spirituality meet. An interview with Rupert Sheldrake and Matthew Fox. KS11/96.

45)  Heart Rules. Stepanie Dowrick on successful relationships. KS10/02.

46)  The Inner Child cries out. Chris Stonor. KS9/93.

47)  Aligning to the Light Within. Julie Soskin. KS4/93.

48)  Predicting the future. Eugenie Rhodes on the role of prediction. KS2/09.

49)  Angelic Healing for Life Change. Claire Gillman on the system called Metatronic Healing.KS2/09.

50)  Property Dowsing. Adrian Incledon-Webber. KS2/09.

51)  Fasting and its health effects. Morgan Davies. KS2/09.

52)  Nature Spirits. Peter Tompkins. KS8/98.

53)  Living and loving, truly. Bernie Siegel interviewed. KS8/98.

54)  Invisible Healthcare. Mark Caldwell on Chinese Energetic Bodywork.

55)  Honey on the razor’s edge. On Tibetan Tantric Psychology by Ngaka Rinpoche and Khandro Dechen. KS5/96.

56)  Mantras of Power. Josephine Chia on Sound in Yoga.

57)   Energy Secrets. Carolyn Burdet on Alla Svrinskaya. KS?date.

58)  Anceint Wisdom,,Timeless Healing. Huw Wyn on Tibetan Healers. KS10/9.

59)  A Vision of Atlantis. Diana Cooper. KS?date.

60)   Divining Angels. Interview with Doreen Vittue. KS11/12.

61)  Are you a Lightworker? Diane Hall. KS11/12.

62)  Rising from the ashes of burnout. Dina Glouberman. KS2/03.

63)  Simple Truth. Carolyn Burdet on Byron Katie.KS2/03.

64)   An ecstatic journey. Victoria McCulloch on ritual dance. KS2/03.

65)  F**k It Freedom. John Parkin interviewed. KS11/12.

66)  Finding the bliss. Norman Rosenthal on TM. KS11/12.

67)  Manifest your desires. Carol Holaday on visualisation. KS7/09.

68)  Healer,heal thyself. Eve Menezes Cunningham  KS7/09.

69)  Elemental Healing. Philip Weeks looks at Sanguines, Phlegmatics,Cholerics and Melancholics. KS8/09.

70)   Light- a master key. Article about Jacob Lieberman’s Light Therapy. KS7/01.

71)  The Assemblage Point. Jon Whale on the work of Carlos Casteneda. KS10/05.

72)   The Butekyo Method.  Julia Williams KS7/02.

73)  Light Touch. Kathryn Scott on Brennan Healing Science. KS7/10.

74)  Activate your DNA. Eve Menezes Cunningham. KS?date.

75)  Sofrology to soothe. About sofrologist Florence Parot. KS?date.

76)  The Healing of the Inner Child . Chris Stonor. KS?date.

77)  Aura Transformation. About the work of Anni Sennov. KS 2012.

78)  New Generation Crystals. Judy Hall. KS2011.

79)  Enlightenment slowly poured. About Yogi Ashwini. KS10/10.

80)  Reincarnation in the West. J.K.Duthoit . KS10/10.

81)  Dementia -A spiritual Perspective. Jan Stone. KS10/10.

82)  Colour me happy. Lynne Lauren on chakra  colours.KS10/10.

83)  Homoeopathic Help. Tania Ahsan KS?date.

84)  Guided to Heal. Tania Ahsan on Hydrotherm Massage. KS?date.

85)  Deciphering Detoxes. Sarah Flower. KS?date.

86)  Cellular Awakening. Barbara Wren. KS?date.

87)  A Gut Wrenching Irritation. Sarah Flower on IBS.KS?date.

88)  Tratments for a new Paradigm. A KS article ?date on various new treatment modalities such as Clearing the Akashic Records & Vibrational Recalibration.

89)  Compassionate Medicine. Dr Pema Dorje interviewed. KS7/00.

90)   The Holographic Soul. Ian Lawton. KS4/10.

91)  RAW Power . Catherine Ord on this healing  modality. KS2/10.

92)  Cleanse your home, cleanse your spirit. Mary Lambert on Feng Shui KS?date

93)  A Higher State of Happiness. Kiva Bottero on Mindfulness. KS?date.

94)  Going Deeper. Simon Heathcote on Deep Memory Process. KS2/10.

95)  Maintaining Optimism in the Modern World. Wendy Gist. KS9/07.

96)  The Pursuit of Happiness. Time Magazine8/7/13

97)  What is our life’s purpose? William Bloom. KS3/09.

98)  Being easy to serve. Burgs. KS3/09.

99)  The Rising Kundalini. Amanda Edgar. KS7/10.

100)The Hidden Knowledge of Crystal Energy. Tony Bondar.KS7/10.

101) Communion and the tyranny of the brain. Howard BakerKS7/10.

102) How Sound creates Form. Helena Foss. KS11/11.

103) Serial Consciousness. Greg Branson’s story. KS?date.

104) Paring down. Carolyn North. KS11/11.

105) The Angelic Dimension. Timothy Wyllie. KS2/94.

106) Cosmic Ordering Unmasked. Ian Lawton. KS?date.

107) No way out – but in. John Krajewski.KS4/95.

108) The New Age .Ken Wilber. KS1990s.

109) Defragmenting the soul. Shantam Chalkley  KS11/05.

110) Brazil’s Miracle Man.( John of God) Irena Joannides KS?date.

This is the end of the list for the website and will suffice to provide an impression of the kind of things I am interested in.