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Lorenzo’s business card

Lorenzo's business card

Lorenzo’s Medical Articles Library

I have been collecting articles on Complementary Medicine that have appeared in the popular medical press since about 1993.

These are articles from Pulse, GP, BMJ and Update mostly.

In the 1990’s there was an explosion of interest in ‘Alternative Medicine’ and with large numbers of patients visiting ‘Alternative Practitioners’ . This made it an Orthodox Medicine subject all by itself, as GPs had to be educated on how to deal with their patients’ queries on the subject.

This in turn led to whole series of articles on different therapies, the possible role of these therapies as an adjunct to conventional treatment and articles on subjects such as ‘’candidiasis’’, which is not a conventional medical diagnosis.

At this time many GPs , including myself, did courses on things like Acupuncture, which made them popular with patients, looking for ‘holistic GPs’.

I have accumulated a collection of some 150+ articles.

Looking back after 20 years , many of these are dated, but are of great interest to me historically and practically.