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Lorenzo’s business card

Lorenzo's business card


1    What is Consciousness?
2    What is Meditation?
3    Overview of methods.  Trying to listen.  Trying to do.
4    Awareness.   Sensory Awareness.
5    ‘Be here now’
6    Why meditate?
7    Achieve what?
8    The How. Four primary practices.
              a  Sensing the breath  
              b  Sensing the body  
              c  Observing thoughts and feelings
              d  Deepening sense impressions
9    Observing thoughts and feelings.  The theory of Inner Freedom
      Witness states.  The Practice.
10  Energies and Functions.  Modalities of experience.  Thought mechanism.

      Associations.  External movement.  Sex function.  Internal metabolism.
      Habitual thoughts, feelings and postures.  Sitting still.
11  The Law of Thirds.  Head, heart and body knowledge.

      The concept of Harmonious Man
12  Concluding comments where to look.

DVD run time 45 mins        
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