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Mindfulness based counselling

Mindfulness refers to a practice which brings ones attention to the present experience on a moment to moment basis.  It involves a kind of non-judgemental present-centred awareness in which each thought, feeling or sensation that arises in the field of attention is acknowledged and accepted as it is.

Mindfulness practices, which have been a central practice in Buddhism for 2500 years, were adapted for use in medical settings, mainly through the efforts of Dr Jon Kabat Zinn now Emeritus Professor of Medicine at University of Massachusetts Medical School.  He began work in the 1970’s and is a speaker and best selling author on the subject.  Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MCBT) is now generally accepted in orthodox medicine as a form of psychotherapy.

The Buddhist perspective is that everything is always in a state of flux.  There is no inherent stability to be found in anything.  Our thoughts, feelings, circumstances and bodily condition are constantly changing.  The larger part of human mental and emotional suffering and disappointment comes from placing belief and trust in a non-existent stability.  Buddhist wisdom suggests a search to live in the present. 

Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness and all forms of non-forgiveness suggest ‘living in the past’.  Unease, anxiety, stress, worry and all forms of fear suggest a preoccupation with the future.
Learning to live in the present, and in particular in ‘the now’ is not easy but is possible.

Exploring ‘mindfulness’ techniques and Vipassana (Insight) Meditation are among the items in the Buddhist toolkit.  They are exceptionally useful in facing difficult life situations and dealing with difficult emotions.

I has been involved with meditation practice for 25 years, and can bring this experience to help clients with their issues.