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Lorenzo’s business card

Lorenzo's business card

My Counselling Practice

Basically I am a GP specialising in the very unusual field of Transpersonal and Buddhist counselling/psychotherapy. So far as I am aware I am the only doctor in the UK doing this particular type of work.

My counselling service involves my standard GP skills enhanced by two specific areas of expertise – Transpersonal counselling and Buddhist psychology.

Transpersonal refers to ‘beyond the person’ and involves ideas like karma, soul plan, destiny, spiritual and religious beliefs, past lives etc. This is relevant when both client and counsellor hold compatible spiritual beliefs.

No two transpersonal counsellors/psychotherapists are alike as each one has their own world view moulded by their own personal experience and training. Please see my You Tube lecture on Medicine ( about 40 minutes long) to get an idea of where I’m coming from. This lecture was made in 2009

Buddhist Counselling focuses on attending to emotional and practical issues in the here and now. Difficulties of various sorts , physical and even mental illnesses are seen as unavoidable parts of normal human life , that have to be embraced and skilfully attended to. At the heart of the buddhist solution to problems is the practice of Mindfulness ( ie being in the here and now) and the practice of ‘Letting Go’

(You can read my book on this).

The Buddhist perspective is that everything is always in a state of flux.  There is no inherent stability to be found in anything.  Our thoughts, feelings, circumstances and bodily condition are constantly changing.  The larger part of human mental and emotional suffering and disappointment comes from placing belief and trust in a non-existent stability.  Buddhist wisdom suggests a search to live in the present.

Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness and all forms of non-forgiveness suggest ‘living in the past’. 

Unease, anxiety, stress, worry and all forms of fear suggest a preoccupation with the future.

The other service I provide is an assessment and advisory service relating to Complementary and Alternative Medicine as an adjunct to Conventional NHS Medical Care. So far as I am aware there are only a handful of doctors in the UK  involved in this area, and each works in their own particular way

In my case, this will involve taking a detailed medical history and the story of what has happened so far. This consultation will take place on the phone, on skype or face to face.

As a GP, one’s skills lie in being able to quickly tune in to a patient’s social, psychological and physical issues and deal with these in a focused, structured and time efficient way

Over a 30 year career I reckon I have dealt with over 150,000 face to face patient encounters probably half of that as a full time GP for some 15 years.

I have now retired from clinical medicine and my direction is to focus on psychological medicine and issues on the medicine-spirituality interface

The purpose of the consultation will be to provide the client with a comprehensive assessment and discussion of avenues and options to take things forward.

 If it transpires that they have, for one reason or another, not had the benefit of a satisfactory conventional medical assessment and treatment, then I advise on how they can get this done on the NHS or via the private sector. The role of complementary therapies will be discussed as relevant to their particular case.

Please note that, as I have now retired from NHS practice and come off the Medical Register, any assessment and advice, is my personal assessment and my private advice. I have no official standing in the current medical structure. If you require clarification, please ask  me.

Also please note that much of my website and present work focuses on spirituality and matters having nothing to do with medicine. Any individual who wishes to ‘share notes’ with me on these issues is free to do so. There will be no money involved.

Getting in touch

Clients can get in touch via my website.

My charges. I charge £60 per hour. An hour is plenty for a consultation

If money is an issue, I am happy to negotiate the fee.

How many consultations?  Usually one or two only. Three  maximum.

I do not take on the role of a therapist providing long term psychological and emotional support. If a client should need this I can advise how to get this either in the NHS or via other therapists.

Where do I work from?  From home. I deal with clients via email, phone, skype and face to face.

Face to face consultations: These usually take place at a quiet pub/café close to where I live on the border of Richmond and Kingston.

Any further questions? Please ask me.

Services to other therapists
Having worked as a NHS GP for 15 years, I know pretty  much everything there is to know about the general relationship between GP Practices and Complementary Therapists working in the practice area.
I am happy to talk to any therapist or healer who wishes to discuss issues to do with dealing with GPs in their area and whether it is possible to market oneself to local practices. I have no easy answers , but  my discussion and advice is for free.

Services to Organisations
I am happy to offer my expertise in the areas of  Eastern Spirituality and issues to do with the Orthodox-Complementary Medicine interface.