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Lorenzo's business card

Talk 4

Is Buddhism a Hindu Teaching?

This talk is designed to point out the essential unity of the teaching of the Bhagavad Gita and the teaching of the Buddha.

Content and structure

Introductory comments
Who is a Hindu? Who is a Buddhist?
The Hindu View of the historical Buddha as the Tenth Avatar of Vishnu
How Buddhists see Hindus.
The historical and geographic movement of Buddhist teachings outside
the shores of India

Systems of Indian Philosophy.  The vedic based systems and the non-vedic based
systems (Nastika systems) of Buddhism and Jainism

The unity of concept of Brahman in the Bhagavad Gita and
the ‘Unborn, Unformed and Unconditioned’ in Buddhism

The unity between the way of the Hindu Sannyasi and the Buddhist Bhikku.
The unity between the essential teaching of the Gita and the Buddha-dharma

This talk is designed to be only 30-40 minutes long, leaving time for questions and answers with the audience within a one hour slot.