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Lorenzo’s business card

Lorenzo's business card

Buddhist Psychology Workshop

This Workshop is designed to be a companion to the ‘Letting Go’ part of my book.

The idea is to present some of the principles of Buddhist Psychology in a mundane context. 

This is not a workshop for ‘spiritual seekers’ but for the average person interested in seeing whether the content would be applicable to their day to day lives.

‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’, as the saying goes.
The aim of the workshop is to stimulate interest, and indicate where the tools may be found.                    

Time   3 ½ to 4 hours.

Part 1. about 15 mins

 Introduction to the goals of Buddhist psychology in a general context

1. Become more successful in your business
2. Become more successful in your personal relationships (friends & family)
3. Become more successful with your health issues.

Part 2. about 30 mins.

Short talk on the principles of Buddhist psychology

1. The Law of Impermanence
2. The Law of Imperfection
3. The Law of Interdependence
4. The Law of Attraction
5. The Pursuit of Happiness  

Part 3 . Interactive session with audience about 1 hour

Discussion of typical examples taken from daily life

1. Office/ work scenarios
2. Home scenarios
3. Health scenarios.

Part 4 . Refreshments/break  20 mins.

Part 5. The tools.  about 40 mins

1. How to leave the past behind
2. How to Reduce worry about the future
3. How to live one day at a time
4. How to reduce a negative outlook
5. How to increase a positive outlook

Part 6.  Questions and Answers 30 mins

Part 7. Close

   Sale of book , and email contact etc re  those interested.